5 Signs You’re Shifting OUT of the Dark Night Of The Soul… (& into 5D consciousness

Dark night of the soul… (& signs you’re coming OUT of it NOW) 🌟FREE “Kundalini Punches” – Morning Ritual – http://bit.ly/38D3XUF​ ****************

Many people are going through a lot of changes… and a lot of anxiety right now. This is actually because they are now shifting OUT of the “dark night of the soul” out of the murky shadows of their spiritual awakening process and into the LIGHT! — into higher, more 5d like consciousness.

Vibrational change, however, even when it’s VERY positive… can take some getting used to. Positive change usually results in some sort of “adjustment period” which can feel like a sort of spiritual rite of passage. We are living in a time however where we have the capability of making HUGE jumps forward in spirituality, emotional growth, and in life that these adjustment periods can sometimes be a bit intense! Many people however make the mistake of shying away from the GOOD attempting to come into their life due to this adjustment period. This video shares 5 things that you are in fact going through an incredibly positive shift… right now… AND… are experiencing this adjustment phase that can feel like another dark night of the soul. VICTOR’S PROGRAMS ▶︎ Open Your 3rd Eye (7 Day Course) | https://goo.gl/k8dzQ8

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