Ashley’s Struggles N Spirituality Crystal Work

Hey Awoken Ones,

I’ve been wanting to share a bit more of my story with you for a while now…

Since you’re part of my crystal community and we’ve been getting to know each more lately, I want to share more personally with you about my journey and hopefully inspire you a little on yours 😊

Today, I’m so grateful and honored to be a best-selling author, crystal expert, speaker & international crystal instructor.

But I wasn’t always on this path.

I knew crystals were part of my life purpose, but I had no idea where to start.

I remember clearly the difficulty I had searching out the right information and teachers to follow…

I struggled for years trying to learn about crystal healing on my own.

Maybe you can relate,?

I consulted hundreds of books and spent hours upon hours browsing the internet for solid, practical crystal healing techniques, but was almost always let down by the information I found.

It was SO frustrating, and I didn’t know where to turn to for help!

Don’t get me wrong — these resources were great, but they could only take me so far…

They often left me with more questions than they answered. The worst part was that when I got stuck, there was no one to ask for advice and support.

What I needed was practical guidance from someone who had done it before.

So in 2007 I took my first professional crystal healing training and was AMAZED at the transformation that occurred. I knew in my heart I was meant to work with healing stones and began a deeper journey into my crystal healing education.

I’ve now taken over 100 crystal healing courses and trust me..

I’ve seen it all.

The good, the bad, AND the ugly.

Based on my experience and extensive education, I’ve created my own Crystal Healing Certification (CCH) and Advanced Crystal Practitioner (ACP) Programs that condense the very best of what I’ve learned from some of the world’s top teachers, including:

Melody — author of the Love is in the Earth Series of BooksDaEl Walker — Founder of the Crystal Awareness InstituteNaisha Ahsian — Co-Author of the Book of StonesJudy Hall — Best-Selling Author of the Crystal Bible Series of Books
…And MANY more, so that I can bring you the ABSOLUTE best crystal courses available.

I feel totally comfortable saying that because we’re backed by multiple awards for these programs…

We’ve won the Soul & Spirit award for “Best Spiritual Course/Workshop Provider” not once, but twice!!

All of this is to say that if you’re feeling like I was — a little lost, confused and unsure what your next steps should be…

There is a path ahead for you, Reggie, and your exciting crystal filled future is much closer than you think 
If you know that crystals are part of your Soul Purpose, I warmly invite you to check out my Crystal Healing Certification Program and Advanced Crystal Practitioner Training.

The final round for this Spring is coming up soon, and I’d be honored to have you join me if it feels like the right fit for you.

Want to see what’s inside the course?

Make sure you join the Waitlist here to get access to an exclusive 20-minute sample class!

If you have any questions or want to share your story with me, please hit “reply” to send me a message.

I’d love to hear from you.

Crystal blessings,

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