It Lead Me from Spiritual Experiences

I began my spiritual journey some years ago. I was going through an extremely hard time in my life. It all started with prayers, and a sign I was needing to go along another path. After a sort of meditation prayer, back then honestly I didn’t know it was meditation, I asked with conviction “Lead me somewhere that will help me find myself”. Within that moment I wanted so badly to make a trip to the local library. Only being a block away I headed straight there. As I stepped through the sliding double doors, I stated out loud (but not very loudly), lead me to something that will get me going. Without knowing where I was going or towards what I was urged to head to the back. I did and followed this urge.

It lead me straight to Theresa Caputo’s book (can’t remember which book it was). I grabbed it along with some other books. Spirit guide signs all sorts of interesting things. I read them with an open mind and was automatically hooked. I started to think back at all the synchronization throughout my life, even as a small child. I have since then and to this day been working on myself.

For about a week but not the first time, I have been seeing these little sparkles of light. They are tiny with colors so beautiful and only last for a second. When I see these I know these are my guides, and angels trying to get my attention.

So Just yesterday not expecting anything out of the ordinary, I look up from my phone and see the numbers 4:44 am, 44° on my t.v. screen. Never have I seen those numbers in order like that. I had a feeling of shock come over me, and I know my mouth hung open.

I looked the numbers and meanings up, it gave me some very clear explanations. I took it embedded it into my brain and went on with my day.

Later on that evening, while doing yard work, the manager called me and asked if I could come in the next day. I said sure not thinking about it. She let me know the store manager needed to speak to me about a higher up position, which would result in a raise, better hours and a better position within the company.

I wasn’t looking to move up in the company any time soon, and didn’t think they had been watching my every move.

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