Multiple Cars Pull Over To Help Black Woman Stopped By Police in Missouri In Viral TikTok Video

A viral TikTok video shows multiple people pulling over to check on a Black woman who was stopped by Missouri police. 

The Daily Dot reports that multiple police units pulled over a woman in a dark sedan on a highway in Brentwood, Mo., Thursday (July 1). The video shows multiple cars pulling over after the officers pulled the woman’s male passenger out of the sedan and the woman began screaming for help. It is unclear which police department was involved.

The video, posted by @sheniweird, shows the videographer back their car up to get a better look as multiple cars pulled over, with the drivers recording the incident. 

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Through captioning and voiceover included in the video, @sheniweird says, “When I see a young African American woman screaming for help, and it’s 3 to 4 White Police with guns drawn on her, and she’s unarmed, you damn right I’m showing up and showing out until I find out what it’s all about.”

“We need answers every time,” they continued. “She deserves the same respect homegrown terrorists got. You’re not just gone [sic] shoot her over a traffic violation. Not today.”

As the person taking the video walks toward the scene, another witness gives her a thumbs up, indicating that the woman and man pulled over will be okay.

“When I pulled over, everyone pulled over. That’s what we need more of. One woman to 4-5 men. Give me a break.”

Police accountability in Missouri has been a significant issue since Michael Brown’s killing in Ferguson in 2014. The state is currently deliberating a bill that would reduce police accountability while increasing criminal penalties for some protest activities.

The video’s description reads, “We have to start policing the police until things start making sense. In today’s world, it’s still unfair so here go [sic]!”

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