Prayer for Miracle Money — Amanda Linette Meder

Prayers are intentions sent to the Universe that provide focus and cooperation with the local and non-physical forces around you. 

When you offer a prayer, you can offer it to a specific Angel, Benevolent Spirit Being, or Universal Source, such as whoever you may call God.

For prayers involving both miracles and money, I like to call upon Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Ariel, Jesus, Ganesha, and even my ancestors who watch over me.

Giving a name to who you pray to just directs your focus – if you don’t believe in Spirits but instead prefer natural forces of organization, you can send your prayer intent to nature, or other logical forces, like greater markets or buildings that contain the markets.

A prayer is a positive blessing. 

So always remember that wherever or whoever you pray to, all who are connected to this Source benefit from your words of beneficial focus. 

Before we get started, let’s set the stage for a prayer. 

It helps to light a candle or to do something that brings the physical reality into a new focus. You may take three deep breaths. Turn off the TV. Place your knees and feet hip-width apart and exhale.

Next, the only rule for this prayer is that after you say it, you must be open to any and all money forms that arrive, from whoever it arrives, as long as it is legal and within your moral code, even if it’s on the edges of that code but within the law.

After you say this prayer, money or means that can create money may arrive in a way that you have previously rejected or not preferred, and if it does, you have to allow it after saying this prayer. 

This is not the time to argue with blessings sent by God, Ganesha, Jesus, or whoever or whatever you call that which watches over you in a non-physical way.

Praying for a blessing, and then rejecting it is shooting yourself in the foot and that is so past you.

In other words, before you say this prayer, all you have to do is agree to be open to what may come afterwards.

This prayer for miracle money will be written to Archangel Gabriel, but if this name or focus point is not for you, please replace it with the name that is.

without further ado, exhale and let’s say a prayer:

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