Rw’s Random Creations Rando Starr Who?

Note This is not his official skin tone. Randolph was dressing up as his favorite tv series character Johnny Mayo from the self titled tv show from 1995-2019.

Full Name: Randolph Lawrence Walsh 

Age: 35  

Occupation: Content Creator, Explorer 

Home world : Alternate Earth Reality #18593 

Race/Species: Human, Earnuuian 

Relationship Status: Single/ Dating Both Men, and Women  

Sexual Orientation Bi Curious 

Spiritual Sign: Libra

Randolph L Walsh also known as Rando Starr is a 35-year-old adventurer residing in Charlotte OH the 10th largest city in the USA. He’s a fearless individual with a heart of gold who loves to explore new places in the world.  

His most prominent features are his abnormally large ears due to his alien ancestry on his father’s side. Rando is a 5ft tall 8 inches caucasianoid man with hazel brown eyes, a thin build, short cropped blond hair. 

He often wears large red hats to cover up his large ears as he is still self-conscious of his looks. Rando likes to dress in casual attire as his career involve him exploring the great outdoors. 

He was raised by a single mother named Clara S Welsh who works two jobs as a bus rapid transit driver, and math teacher at the University of Charlotte. Randolph does not currently know much about his biological father whose name was Sam Wiess? You see Ms. Clara lived a very promiscuous life at 22 years old. She met the father of Randolph under weird circumstances at a Ginger Jet concert in Memphis TS. While Sam and Clara were dancing together, she had eaten a weird mushroom given to her by Sam. She soon fell into a tipsy kind of high although still very aware of her surroundings. 

An hour later they left the concert and headed back to her hotel that was adjacent to the concert hall let’s just say they got to know each other wink wink. 

As she layed in bed still high as a kite. She heard Sam in the bathroom speaking frantically in an unknown language. Clara then gets up from the bed to see what was going on with Sam. As she walks towards the ajar bathroom door a bright flash of golden light overtakes her before dissipating seconds later. Clara wakes up the next morning on the floor to find that Sam had vanished out of thin air. It turns out that Sam had an emergency situation on the planet Earnuu 2. According to Clara Sam was killed by Pennywise the Clown in the city of Derry Maine the reason why he was in that city is currently unknown.  About 6 months later Randolph was born. The strange thing was Randolph wasn’t born prematurely and the fact that Clara was pregnant for 6 months instead of 9.     

So why the name Rando Starr You Ask? 

When he was born on October 14th, 1985 Randolph had unusual supernatural gifts per say.   

One The Aura Ability/ His aura a golden color shines as bright a sun during emotional reactions like for example, At the age of 15 he got into a physical altercation with some bullies while in his high school class due to his overly large earlobes. In a fit of rage Randolph’s aura literally lit up the entire classroom. Most of his fellow classmates were temporarily blind for 24 hours. He has since gained control of this weakness btw. 

Two/Super Sonic Hearing or Heightened Sensory Abilities: Randolph’s ears do more than just frame his face folks. He is able to hear frequencies or sounds from far away. This ability came in handy during his middle and high school years in regards to various bullies. One of his weaknesses is barking dogs for example when he was 5 years old his mom gave him a puppy of the Afghan hound variety as a present for having good grades.  

Suddenly the small dog began barking erratically causing Rando to wince in great discomfort as well as bleeding from his ears. Since then, he now avoids any dogs like the plague well most of the time anyways. 

Other Hearing Abilities: Sensory Focusing, Sensory Inducement, Temporary Blindness Inducement. 

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