Rw’s Random Storytime Introducing Mr. Rando Starr

Rating: PG. 13

Story Setting: Alternate Earth Reality #18593, Charlotte NC

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Intro:  Rando breaks the fourth wall speaks to us to explain his extraordinary life and adventures. Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Randolph L Walsh however I also go by Rando Starr on my popular self-titled website.

I am the best of both worlds Earth and Earnuu Prime that is. As a 35-year-old content creator from Charlotte NC I like to explore new and exciting new places all around the globe. Let me explain to you ladies and gents on some of my early life history before we began our grand adventures.

   How It All Started In My Hometown of Charlotte NC

Uptown Charlotte NC

I was born on October the 14th 1985 by my parents Ms. Clara Walsh a Human, and my mysterious father who went by the alias Sam Weiss. He is an alien/Earnuuian from beyond the stars his home planet is Earnuu Prime that was unfortunately destroyed by a powerful demonic entity called IT/Pennywise the Clown who currently resides on Earth Alternate Reality #18593 our home.  According to my mom he unfortunately was killed in the town of Derry Maine by the infamous Pennywise the Clown. I however don’t believe that is the case as I am constantly getting signs that he’s alive somewhere in this vast universe of ours. 

Although I am half Human I have also my father’s most prominent feature my large earlobes. Back in my school days I was source of so much laughter and horrible bullying as a result having to attend therapy in my adult life. My dearest mother who worked two jobs as a bus driver and her favorite career a math professor at the University of N Carolina was always there for me through thick and thin and I love her for that.  Need I mention that I also have supernatural abilities such as 1. /Super Sonic Hearing or Heightened Sensory Abilities: My ears do more than just frame his face. I am able to hear frequencies or sounds from far away. This ability came in handy during my middle and high school years in regards to various bullies. One of my weaknesses is barking dogs for example when I was 5 years old my mom gave me a puppy of the Afghan hound variety as a present for having good grades. 

As the dog started barking uncontrollably it caused me great discomfort my ears started bleeding. I ended in the emergency room for 24 hours unfortunately.   2. Aura Manipulation Abilities: Whenever My emotions get the best of me my aura lights up like a golden star literally. While attending Michael Generous High School in the early 2000’s I caused all of my classmates to be temporally blind for 24 hours. During a fight with a bully my teacher Mr. Wills was not in the class at the time when this incident took place. Me and the bullies ended up getting detention for a week by the way.


My love for all things adventure derived from my 5th grade teacher Mr. Hank Williams. He was a major influence in my strange life. I remember going on field trips to The Charlotte Nature Museum to learn more about plants, animals. Like my spirit animal guide the Owl. Mr. Williams was an expert on Trees like for an example the Abies Alba or Silver Fir which was a large, needled evergreen in the pine family that is found growing in higher altitude forests in Europe where it was used as a popular Christmas tree. The silvery-white needles add interesting contrast in the landscape, but this tree gets quite large so be sure to have room for its mature size. 

He would talk for what seemed like hours about trees and plants. I of course would never get bored of his rambles.  

Rock Hill South Carolina

My grandparents Martin and Clarice Walsh also owns a vast property in Rock Hill South Carolina. I remember getting lost while exploring the woods behind my grandparents 2 story home. For some weird reason this white owl was always watching me as I explored these woods maybe it was my spirit guide perhaps. That owl always managed to guide me back to my grandparents’ house every single time though. 

After graduating from High School in 2004 My career goal was to work literally in nature as a park ranger for the Yellowstone National Park. However, during my early twenties I was a bit of a nomad and being a park ranger would have required me to stay in one place. So, I ended up working in various fast-food restaurants for a decade before becoming a full-time content creator online of course. 

I briefly attended The University of N Carolina at Charlotte the same college my mom currently works as a popular math instructor in algebra. 2 years later I transferred to Belk College my main major was in business as I wanted to be an entrepreneur who traveled the world. Fortunately, I was able to Excel in all my college courses with straight A’s and get my bachelor’s degree to start my own online business. 

That’s all I can tell you folks out there my buddy Trevor is knocking on the door see you all later bye for now….

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