She Talked Through My Body from Spiritual Experiences

My name is Belen and I am from salta, Argentina. About a year ago I went to a very religious place in my city and this is where it all starts. Since I was really young I wanted so bad to talk to spirits and be able to help people I always asked God to give me the opportunity to help people. From my very young age I was able to feel energies but didn’t know if they were positives or negatives I just felt them. I wasn’t able to communicate nor see them, but when I went to this place everything changed. This place is very well known for people who suffer any kind of illnesses or just need and spiritual moment.

There is a woman there who cures people and helps you clean your soul with just a touch of her hand. I decided to go with a friend who invited me and the moment she touched me I laid on the ground as if I passed out but was conscious I could feel everything but I had no control of my body, on that moment I started to cry and cry and my hands went to my chest, I was like that for maybe ten minutes or so… When I woke up I felt in peace in my heart and I was very emotional.

After a few weeks of that experience we decided to go to the cemetery to visit my grandmother, we were praying when I felt the same feeling of that day, had no control of my body, my hands on my chest and I cannot open my eyes but I’m conscious I felt in peace and I saw a light.

The second time that I went to the cemetery it happened again, only this time I was able to speak, the first thing that came out of my mouth was “i am granma” and she talked through my body she talked to my mom my dad and everyone who was around me, I am always conscious when this happens to me but when I open my eyes I sometimes forget what I say or hear. I feel really tired after that with a heavy headache and just want to sleep. It happened to me several times with my grandfather, the mother of my brother in law and friends… Some people don’t believe me and others do… I used to go to church before but now I can’t go because I get into like trance and it’s hard for me to get back into normal.

I would like to know if this is real and if I can really help people. I am currently in the united states for a couple of months so if there is somebody who can help me out with this I will be appreciated.

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