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As part of a new spring menu, Las Vegas restaurant Makers & Finders in April introduced several specialty dessert cocktails. The decadent drinks draw inspiration from its coffee bar’s most popular specialty lattes. For instance, the Espresso Martini 2.0 ($11) features Grey Goose essences strawberry and lemongrass vodka, Kahlua, espresso, vanilla syrup and whipped cream.

Other drinkable desserts include the White Chocolate Emulsion ($12), with Bacardi spiced rum, milk, espresso and white mocha steamed together over a chocolate sphere with a fluffy surprise inside; and the Lavender Sorbet Spritz ($12), a tableside cocktail featuring Martini Fiero bittersweet vermouth, Martini Rossi prosecco, lavender and coconut sorbets and lemon juice. A trio of shots (shown atop), made with Angel’s Envy bourbon, white mocha sauce, caramel sauce and mocha sauce is served in waffle cups with whipped cream.

Makers & Finders, with locations in the Vegas Arts District and Downtown Summerlin, is run by owner/CEO Josh Molina, executive chef Kenneth Taylor III and beverage specialist Jared Uy. The brand is known for its selection of inspired Latin cuisine, craft coffee and innovative cocktails. Why the dessert drinks?


“Part of my inspiration for creating the dessert cocktail menu was noticing that, although there are many incredible eateries in our neighborhoods, there was not a place to imbibe and satisfy your sweet tooth after dinner,” Molina says. “Our intention was to fill that void through a series of fun and interactive dessert beverages that can be enjoyed through the wee hours of the night.” 

Makers & Finders also unveiled several new actual desserts, including the Enyucado Cheesecake ($10), with layered cassava and coconut cake and cheesecake with a coconut graham cracker crust, guava and meringue; Rosé Tres Leches ($9), featuring Chiffon sponge cake soaked in a rosé-infused coconut milk, Italian meringue and assorted fruits; and a Vegan Espresso Flan ($9), with coconut milk flan, espresso caramel, assorted fruits and coconut whipped cream.

White Chocolate Emulsion
1 ½ oz. Bacardi spiced rum
2 oz. Whole milk
2 oz. Espresso
1 oz. White mocha
2 Chocolate domes
6 Mini marshmallows

In stemless Martini glass, place 1 chocolate dome face up at the base of the glass. Add 6 mini marshmallows inside the dome. Place second dome face down on top. In milk pitcher, add all liquid ingredients and steam. Transfer into black kettle. Pour tableside over the dome.

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